Summer School Programme

Krypton Summer School Programme

We have been running summer vacation courses for children and teenagers for many years. We have built up an excellent relationship with the schools we are affiliated with abroad and this gives us a basis to be able to offer what we believe to be one of the best summer school experiences you can have.

Krypton Educational Services’ summer programs for Primary and high school students allow participants to experience first-hand what it’s like to live on-campus at some of the most prestigious universities/Colleges abroad with other international pupils/students from all over the world. Making new friends from other countries and learning about their cultures.

Benefit of Summer Vacation

1.    Rejuvenate – It’s a place to cool off and get space from study pressure (over stimulating the mind of children could lead to mental breakdown and insanity).

2.    Summer School promotes, intelligence, culture, sense of responsibility, self-improvement and self-confidence.

3.    Our pedagogical projects “educate” them beyond their competence; encourage their potential and their talent.

4.    Summer Program offers communal living: bunk mate, counselor & staff –

play an influential role: cabin situation must treat each other well.

5.    Gaining new perspective: kid in foreign setting react in new ways ones they are far from normal circumstances. Suddenly become the leader

6.    Trying new things: no summer camp is complete without campfire marshmallon sessions

7.    Huge number of physical activities: kids go on rafting & hiking, sports, adventures and visiting historical places.

8.    Get to love nature

9.    Makes them more disciplined and organized: Camps usually have a fixed schedule which all children must follow.

10.    More responsible: it is one experience a child never forgets. Something they remember for the rest of their lives.

11.    Summer camp: help kid to gain confident and resilience within eyeshot of their parent.

12.    Transformational change: boost their self-esteem.

13.    Bulling and sexual victimization: Children will be enlightened on how to face or prevent any form of bulling or sexual victimization.

It is one experience a child never forgets, something they remember for the rest of their life. Let not deny them opportunity.

Leaders and builders of tomorrow’s empires need to be equipped to take their rightful places in life.