Services Provided by K.E.S.

The range of services provided by the company to prospective students is second to none in the Nigerian market. They are:

•    Career counselling and advice on foreign education;
•    Processing of admissions into foreign schools for Certificate courses, Diploma, Degree, Master, PhD, Professional programmes as well as Boarding Schools.
•    Pre-interview briefing for students before attending interview at the Embassy;
•    Advice on relevant documentation for visa application;
•    In case of refusal of visa, we give advice on the right step to take base on the on the particular Embassy and the visa application rules.
•    Where we take the view that administrative review process will not be successful, we can advise on re-application.
•    Successful Students are given pre-departure briefing.
•    We also help in arranging accommodation, Airport pick up with the help of our partner schools.